The incenses and stems are composed only of natural ingredients (stems in bamboo and wood powder) and scented in our workshops in Provence.

We have developed a scenting technique which allows the scent to disperse in a very homogenous and precise manner from the powdered stems without adding solvent.

This innovating technique makes it possible to improve the restitution of perfume during
combustion of the incenses and reduce smoke emission at the same time.


If our candles are qualified as natural, it is due to the fact that all ingredients from the petrochemical industry, such as paraffin and mineral derivatives, have been banned from formulation in our candles.

All that remains are natural ingredients – the candle base, made up mainly of vegetable oils and beeswax. We use high quality beeswax as it is the best natural perfume fixative in the market. The fragrance is much authentic than those found in conventional paraffin candles.



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