The incense sticks and rattan stems are produced in partnership with the NGO Mekong Plus. They come from a solidarity and sustainable approach and this allows us to guarantee a fair income to local communities and maintain natural resources and biodiversity at the same time. Our rattan is cultivated and does not come from illegal cutting. With the support of terre d'Oc, the producers have set up plantations in sustainable agriculture, the stems are then processed with environmentally-friendly products.

Installed in the most deprived regions of Vietnam, Mekong Plus is a NGO involved in community development with projects and missions which make it possible to support the poorest populations (whose income no more than 1 euro per day per family). terre d'Oc promises a fair pay for the families and provides full support to rattan planting. The partnership allows us to offer incense and rattan stems in high quality on an exclusive basis with the Solidarity Trade – Sustainable Trade label.




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