A land of perfumes, filled with the delightful smells of flowers; a land of colours, in all shades of ochre, a universal language used to speak of what is warm and authentic; and a blend of cultures opening onto the Mediterranean for a better understanding of the world. Little wonder that Provence should be such an unending source of inspiration! Especially as we were born her and Provence is part of us. So it was here, quite naturally, that we wanted terre d'Oc to take root in 1995.

terre d'Oc has inherited the love of beauty, goodness and health from the land of its birth. What we really want? To marry Provence with the rest of the world by using our identity and know-how to travel and help cultures across the four worlds of well-being to come together:
- Skincare and makeup products made from age-old recipes and beauty secrets that women hand down to their daughters from generation to generation all over the world.
- Home fragrances which blend Provencal and oriental scents to tell tales of incredible journeys
- Teas, the universal symbols of hospitality and friendship



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