Besides providing your organism with a wealth of benefits, honey has exceptional properties for the skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this golden nectar is an extraordinary moisturizing, nourishing and softening active ingredient. Our honey is harvested in Revest du Bion on the high, sunny plateaus of Provence by a keen beekeeper, the lavender farm offers the best organic environment. Harvesting is carried out without smoke to respect the bees.


Packed with protein and vitamins, almonds are an exceptionally revitalizing and softening ingredient for the skin

Verbena flower water softens, stimulates and makes your skin feel cool and is also well-known for its emollient, toning and refreshing properties

Ideal to soothe sensitive skins and neutralize the irritating and drying effect of hard water



Sugar crystals blend with organic sweet almond oil for a gentle scrub and your skin is once again radiant and soft. This melting care product turns into a milk on contact, leaving a protective film on the skin.

180g - $448

A precious care product with restructuring and anti-ageing oriental fig oil, it is enriched in active vegetable plumping ingredients to moisturize, to keep the skin firm and to give a radiant complexion.

100ml - $398

An absolutely deliciously extra-melting body butter with a delicious smell of honey. It is a nomad care product that you can take it everywhere for gentle skin comfort.

20g - $138

An important part of oriental beauty series, it is a natural vegetable wash and exfoliating care product obtained by the saponification of olive oil. Delicately scented, it leaves your skin clean, supple and soft.

100g - $138


A collection of care products with melting, creamy textures for a delightful well-being ritual.
Shower gel 100ml
Silky body lotion 100ml
Body massage balm 100ml


A collection of care products with melting, creamy textures plus pure pleasure enveloped in candle lamp and beauty pouch.
Body lotion 100ml
Body scrub 90g
Perfumed candle 70g
Beauty pouch





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