Le thé de l'hospitalité, an exceptional beverage with rare flavours, recognized for its medicinal and spiritual properties. This universal symbol of hospitality and sharing tells us the age-old story of an enchantment. Tea comes to us from far away oriental countries over mountains, steppes and oceans and has brought people and cultures worlds apart together. Tea is an invitation to a great journey!

Available in 40 gr / 50 gr / 100gr and discovery set.



A tea full of flavours and body with the complex, fruity aromas of citrus bark and bergamot.

A green tea with a fresh, delicate flavour of Moroccan mint for an oriental encounter. Balanced and refreshing!

A must in the hamman (steam room in Morocco) to clean, scrub and purify the skin, black soap is a cleansing care product based on olive oil. Enriched in softening argan oil and relaxing orange blossom, it leaves the skin cleansed, soft and delicately scented.

Sencha tea with its typical Japanese taste enriched with grilled, puffed rice for a surprising and warm flavour. Low in caffeine.

Fine, delicate flavour. A very find wide-leaved tea; can be drunk in summer: refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Its taste of cut grass and white flowers goes well with the fruity and delicate aromas of peach and apricot. A delicate tea which needs patience and a 10-minute brewing to develop all its flavours.

Appreciated for its delicate taste of grilled hazelnuts, this herbal red tea from South Africa with its thirst-quenching properties is 100% caffeine-free.

A black tea with a great aromatic delicacy, perfumed with almonds and pistachios for a trip to faraway lands. Bewitchingly refined!

With its added citrus essences, this golden brew has a fruity, acidy, smooth and highly fragrant flavour. All the strength and delicacy of citrus fruit!

Inspired by English blends, this very strong, black tea is softened by a touch of melting caramel and vanilla and vanilla pod. This tea with its amber liquor is perfectly suitable for tea time.

This black tea from the high plateaus with its incomparable spicy flavours (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and pepper) has a strong velvety aroma.

The sweet but full flavour of cinnamon perfumes this black tea from Sri Lanka marvelously. The sophistication of cinnamon and black tea!

A sparkling green tea where the appetizing aromas of yuzu blend with passion fruit. A delicious blend which takes us into an Imperial garden for a refreshing and very exotic break!

A green tea which is a delicate blend of the subtle aromas of bergamot and orange blossom. A gentle, refreshing drink which takes you into the calm, shady garden of a riad…

The appetizing flavour of this iced green tea reminds you of the delicious fragrance of the cherry trees in the Geisha gardens during the Sakura festival. A cool drink with the fruity taste of plump wild cherries of summer!

Mate, known as the tea of Paraguay, can also be drunk iced for its refreshing and dynamising effects. Its grassy flavour blends beautifully with sweet liquorice and fresh mint for a very dynamic break under the stars!


A very fine black tea blending the tangy and refreshing flavours of hibiscus and the delicate and subtle aroma of fresh rose petals. A delicious drink which takes you into the heart of a Persian garden…

A delicate fruity-flavoured black tea, with a slight tang of sun-kissed vineyard peaches in aMediterranean garden for a refreshing and appetizing break!




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